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The Evolution of the Natural Hair Movement

The natural hair movement dates as far back as the early 60s in the United States.

The black hair movement inspires people of African descent. They have been opened up to wholly accept their natural afro-textured hair.

Hair has always been an essential part of black history and culture.

But with the great influence of Eurocentric traits such as having straight hair, led those on the opposite to conform to the conventional western beauty standards.

When did the Natural hair movement start?

The Black liberation movement in the early 1960s laid the foundation for the natural hair movement we see today. This movement expands beyond the United States to other countries with women of African ethnicities.

Originally known as the “black is beautiful” movement from inception in 1960, it marked the start of blacks desires to no longer assimilate into white society.

It inspired black Americans to embrace the beauty of their natural physical self.

During this period, African-American activists like Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, and other supporters of the Black Panther Party wore Afros and different natural hairstyles. Their hairstyles during the Black Power movement made the afro hairstyle famous.

Furthermore, the advent of social media has greatly influenced the mobilization and impact of the natural hair movement. This brought forth the result of; different people engaging for diverse reasons.

Some want to preserve their hair against aggressive hairstyling methods, some for health and environmental purposes, others embracing and declaring their blackness.

coming forward, society has experienced an increasing number of people teaching on the beauty of natural hair via diverse websites, blogs and youtube channels.

The movement continues to be not only about the refusal to process one’s hair chemically and Black pride.

But has also grown to knowledge about our hair and keeping it healthy.

Inasmuch as the movement is an amazing campaign, Africans who’ve chosen relaxed hair are not less of Africans. It’s all about sticking to what works for you best and makes you comfortable.

In that light, if you are new to the movement and are looking for amazing products to try out.

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