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How to Position your Brand using Social Media

A brand is an intangible asset that helps people easily identify a specific company and its products. It’s the perception people have about your company, products or entity as a whole.
With the advent of social media, product branding is very common in this space.

Being on the Internet means being exposed

In theory, social networks were created to offer people the opportunity to stay in contact with family and friends, just like the phone revolution, for example.

The reality is something completely different. For the first time in history, ordinary people can create content and publish it. Something that was only possible, in the past, if their job had something to do with communication.

How then can you position your brand using social media??

Have clear objectives

It’s important your objectives for being present on that particular social media platform are well defined. Having your objectives in mind, do well to keep up with them even if it means hiring someone to run the platforms for you.

Be consistent in content creation.

It doesn’t suffice to have all the social media platforms but putting up content regularly is important. Clients won’t follow you if you starve them of good content. Be present on a few media platforms where you can be consistent.

3. Know your target audience

This will enable you to know on which platforms you can easily reach your target audience. For example, if teenagers/youngsters are your target audience, it’ll be easier getting them on Instagram than on Twitter.

Appropriate brand positioning helps increase your visibility and gain new grounds, so rightly positioning your brand on social media is a must.

Why it’s important to position oneself?

First, people want to know what brands think about topics of discussion in our society.


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