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The Power of The Mind

The power of the mind is the most underrated topic.

Power of The Mind

The mind is the most powerful and a control tool God gave to man.

Whatever your feed your mind on or with has the capacity to determine the outcome of your life.

The holy book says ” whatever a man sows that shall he reap”.

With respect to the fact that everything a man does starts from a thought, one can reap a millionfold of fulfilment sowing only good thoughts.

So a man who thinks positively will reap only positive results.

The Power of The Mind

A man call Joseph in the bible had a dream of being a ruler in future.

He wouldn’t allow his obstacles to building negative thoughts in his mind which will be barriers to achieving his dream.

That is to say, a man who feeds his mind only positivity and possibilities can achieve anything.

Because a positive mind is like an ever watered fertile soil anything planted on it grows.

A mind that thinks positively attracts only like minds. Because the mind has the ability and capacity of fraternizing with another mind and conceive ideas.

A positive thinking mind will fraternize with a positive thinking mind and conceive mind-blowing results.

A positive thinking mind sees nothing as a failure but as an opportunity to do the same thing in another improved way or method.

Because the world seems full of competition humans, have the tendency to always want to prove a point.

When they don’t reach the expectation and standards set by their peers they begin to feel not too good enough and low esteem.

This has been the reason for many being depressed, drug and alcohol abuse. On the contrary, a mind full of positive thoughts swallows and overshadows anything contrary to its state.

Communication is the most used means of interaction and getting to people brings about a lot of breakups in families and relationship when one party seem not to be consistent in the flow. A positive thinking mind will consider that someone didn’t respond to a call or message because he/she didn’t hear, wasn’t beside the phone, was busy or didn’t see the message.

This positive thought will avoid all the anger and quarrel at work, home, relationships etc.
A positive thinking mind will come out easily from depression, drugs and alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, pride etc.

 The mind feeds and grows,what you want to see happen in your life give it daily to your mind to feed.

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